New Contract Questionaire

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General Information:

Move Type Requested:

Unload Rail Cars Load Trucks Storage Space Required
Unload Trucks Load Rail Cars Delivery By Trucks

Rail Car Type:

Hopper Bottom Box Car Center Beam Gondola Tank Car Other

Physical Characteristics:

Hazardous Materials: Yes No

Method of Stowage:

Bulk Unitized Palletized Other


Environmental Control Required:


Estimated Quantity of Shipment:

Rail Cars
/ Week / Month / Year v>

Other Information/Comments:

When getting shipping rates for delivery into our facility, here is the rail price quote information:
BSSF to Sioux Falls, SD (interchange with Ellis & Eastern on track #3125)
No rail cars allowed over 286,000 lbs gross weight or larger than AAR Plate F

Final Delivery:

Rail to Road
3520 East Rice Street
Sioux Falls, SD