Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It is most commonly seen when one mode of transportation covers a long distance and is very economical, but does not terminate at the final destination. Example: Bundles of lumber need to be shipped from Oregon to a lumber yard in rural South Dakota. The bundles would be shipped on a railcar from the mill to Rail to Road in Sioux Falls. Rail to Road team members would unload the railcar and load the product onto semi-trucks which would deliver it to its final destination.

Mobile Transloading - Rail to Road owns and operates a portable under car/over track machine which is used to unload primarily aggregate in remote locations. A mobile compton conveyor system unloads an open top hopper bottom aggregate car directly into a truck.

Products We Transload

Dry Bulk Solids

Cement, Fly Ash, White Cement, Catalyst, Polymer, Aggregates, Cedar Mulch

Bulk Liquids

Concrete Admixture, Corn Syrup

Construction Materials

Railroad Ties, Dimensional Lumber, Rebar, Cedar Fencing, Aluminum Ingots

Machinery & Oversized

Tractors, Construction Equipment

  • A center beam car loaded with rail road ties.
  • A gondola ar loaded with rebar.
  • Cars loaded with cement or fly ash.
  • A truck getting loaded at the Port Neal facility with fly ash.


Rail to Road can bid, schedule, and dispatch a variety of semi-trucks to meet your delivery requirements from our yard to your place of business. These truck types include, but are not limited to:

  • Pneumatic Tankers
  • Aggregate Trucks - Straight Truck End Dumps, Truck and Pup End Dumps, Side Dumps, and Belly Dumps
  • Flat Beds - Includes booms or moffetts for unloading